Wood boring insects

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Wood boring insects

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Wood boring insects

Wood boring insects are the name given to many species of insect that attack wood. Most of these insects are found in the forest in trees, however certain species are known to invade our homes and these are what the general public refer to as woodworm. The main specie is one known as Anobium punctatum, or Common furniture beetle. Common furniture beetles leave small holes in the wood they infest. These holes are known as exit holes and are 1.5-2mm in diameter. You may notice dust forming on the floor Below infested timbers, which indicate activity, as the emerging insect bores through the wood to escape.

Common Species

As mentioned above common furniture beetles are by far the most common source of woodworm infestation. Other species include: Powder post beetle: Ambrosia beetles: Waney edge beetles: House longhorn beetle: Forest longhorns:


Part of our training in wood boring insect treatment includes identification. This is done only by physically inspecting infested wood, and not through photographs. The reason I mention this is because, we do from time to time receive photographs from customers asking us to identify insect they have photographed.

Treatment or not?

After carrying out a survey, we will then recommend the most comprehensive treatment necessary, however it is important to understand that not all woodworm needs treating. There are certain insects that can infest the wood but leave no long term effects. For this reason we charge a call out fee to cover our time and expertise in the subject. If however you do have an infestation of the type that needs treating, we will deduct the price of the initial survey when quoting to carry out the treatment.

Can woodworm be treated

Most woodworm infestations we survey can be treated successfully. On occasions though, certain timbres may need removing and replacing altogether. This is something we can carryout or advise you on after our initial survey is complete. We will also write up a comprehensive report after the work is carried out, outlining the infesting insects, treatment carried out and chemicals/insecticides used.

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