Wasp Nest Removal Huddersfield

Wasp nest

Wasp Nest Removal Huddersfield

Wasp nest removal Huddersfield

Wasps are back again, although this early in the season you may not even be aware of the nest. Most calls received in May-early June are usually Bumble Bee nests which generally speaking we would advise you to leave alone as the declining Bee population needs all the help it can get. Of course there will always be the occasion where we do need to treat Bees, for instance if you or someone living in your property are allergic to Bee/Wasp stings.
wasp nest removal in Huddersfield
Our specialist area is Wasp nest removal Huddersfield. We rarely travel out of Huddersfield for wasp or Bee control and this allows us to keep the price down. Our fees start at £45 which will cover most cases, only when our 6 meter extension poles wont reach a hard to access area will we have to reassess the costs, or if your problem is something other than Wasps i.e Hornets or Bees. If you are reading this you probably are aware of an issue with Wasps or Bees in the Huddersfield area and you will be glad to know we are awaiting your call.  Contact our mobile phone number for fast response from a fully qualified RSPH operative on 07947689841. If you live outside the Huddersfield area and are having trouble finding someone local to deal with your problem then give us a call and we will be happy to give you a quote over the phone. Although we specialise in Wasp nest removal Huddersfield we may be able to help.

Qualified Pest Technician

Remember it is highly advisable that whoever you use for Wasp nest removal is RSPH qualified, as this means the technician is trained to the highest standards by the Royal Society of Public Health to protect you your family and everyone else when using pest control poisons.