Help, I have Rats in my house


Help, I have Rats in my house

Five things you should know about Rats in your house

1: Rats are nocturnal creatures who spend most of their time foraging for food while we sleep. This is an important point to know as most people who hear noises in their lofts at night, initially think it may be a bird, however as birds roost at night the chances are the noises are some kind of rodent.

2: Rats are neophobic. This means anything new introduced into their environment may be avoided to days or weeks. Another important point to know as most people who put traps out will move the traps after a few days if nothing has been caught and each time you move the trap the neophobic response can start over  again.

3: Rats like lofts for nesting as they tend to be undisturbed places with lots of nice insulation to keep the young warm dry and protected.

4: Poisoned rats may die in your wall cavities and smell for several weeks. This is why, we at DGYL, start by investigating and proofing where possible to prevent entry in the first place. If we need to catch a rat, our proffered method is trapping which allows us to remove the rodent from your property.

5: In our experience, most Rat infestations come from the sewers. If you hear something scurrying up your cavity walls, or in your loft, or perhaps under the floor boards, then chances are there could be a break in your sewer pipe just outside or even under your house. To investigate this we at DGYL use state of the art drain camera equipment allowing us to survey your drains around and under your property where possible. If we find a breach we can generally repair it for you and leave you Rat free again.

At DGYL we are BPCA trained and CRRU accredited. Pests are our business and we will always strive to rid you of any pest problems you have.

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