Rat Flap

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Rat Flap

Rat flap installation and Proofing against rats is the way to go

Now days, too many companies rely on poisons to get rid of rodent issues. In our experience, rat flap installation and proofing is by far the best method to prevent rat infestations getting out of control in your property. If you think about it, poisoning may well kill off the current infestation, however it also leaves open the opportunity for other rats/mice to infest your property at a later date.

At Direct pest control we strive to proof and secure holes and runs wherever possible. This may mean concreting, wire meshing or installing a rat flap in the sewer that is attached to your property.

Where to start

The first and most important task for us, is to establish, what pest/pests we are dealing with. The proofing and treatments can vary considerably from species to species, so carrying out a full pest investigation is a must. Once we have established what pest/pests we are dealing with, we will then liaise with you to put together a proofing and poisoning program as necessary.

A recent job carried out in the Holme valley

Below are some photographs of a recent job we carried out for a client in the Holme Valley. Not only did we mesh and cement several large holes, we also added a stainless steel rat flap to prevent the rats from entering the property via the sewer system.

Proofing is the key

It is always important to remember to use a qualified BPCA (British Pest Control Association) member. We would also advise anyone with a rodent issue to insist on an investigation and a plan of action which includes proofing as a priority.

You can contact Direct Pest Control on: 01484 852 602 or 07947689841 We operate out of our premises in The Holme Valley West Yorkshire