Rat Control Huddersfield


Rat Control Huddersfield

Rat Control in Huddersfield

We are masters of rat control, covering Huddersfield, Holmfirth and surrounding areas. Our aim is to get to the source of the infestation and illiminate it once and for all. Unlike other companies you may have tried, who will just put a bit of poison down and hope for the most, we carry out a full and comprehensive survey in and around your property. It is important to remember that rats are a subteranion creatures and may have burrows nearby which can be dug up and filled in when the rats are destroyed. As an additional service, we can investigate your sewer system with our drain camera equipment to see if there are any breaks in the pipe work leading to your property.

Drain issues

Drain issues are  quite common when it comes to rat infestations in buildings. Depending on the usage and location of the drain it may well be the responsibility of your local water authority to carry out repairs. After a drain inspection we will advise you on the necessary steps for repair. We can also inform you whether it is your responsibility or the responsibility of the water authority to carry out repairs. If it is down to you, we can take charge and repair any breakages in the pipe work which are causing your infestaion.

Don’t panic! Let us take control

If you are a long term sufferer of rats in your property, then you will know how much stress they can cause you. Let us take control of the situation and put a stop to your problem once and for all.  At Direct Pest Control we are RSPH qualified pest control technicians, who really want to get to the bottom of your problem fast and efficently. Our quotation for complete erradication can be carried out in a discreet manor at a time to suit you. You will be kept up to date with all works and progress and we will liase with you evey step of the way so you know exactly what is happening. For full and comprehensive rat control call us on 01484 852602 or click here to send us an email