Pest Control service

pest control service

Pest Control service

Why use our pest removal services

Every year we receive hundreds of phone calls regarding our professional pest removal service. These can be grouped, mainly into calls for, rodent issues, insect issues and bird issues. For whatever reason our customers are calling about, we always follow the same procedure. Initial investigation, treatment and final inspection. We sincerely believe that the initial investigation is what gives us the edge over most of our competitors and gives the satisfaction to our customers that our reputation as a professional quality pest control company is based on. Let me explain why.

Initial Investigation

If you are unfortunate enough to have a rat infestation in or around your property, then you may expect a pest control company to come along and place some poison in areas where the rats have been seen so as to eradicate the problem. Well that sounds fair enough, but it leaves the important questions unanswered; where did the rat infestation come from and why was it our property that was targeted? It is important to understand that these questions can only be answered if the initial investigation is carried out. At Direct Pest Control we carry out a full and comprehensive pest control service investigation before any other works are carried out. We charge £72 for this investigation but firmly believe that it will save you time and money in the long term. Most companies charge in the region of £80-£100 per visit to carry out a poisoning program which may consist of 3-6 visits before the rat infestation is contained, and most customers are happy to pay this to be rid of their infestation. This is where we differ from other companies because by carrying out the initial investigation, we can find out exactly where the rats are coming from and treat accordingly. As an example, a property we attended in Huddersfield recently had a serious rat issue in the loft, which we discovered was as a result of a manhole cover under a bush in their back garden that was broken. The rats were getting out of the main sewer through this broken manhole cover and entering there house through an air brick that was broken on the side of their house and climbing up the cavity walls into the loft space. A previous company had been poisoning them in the loft which resulted in a foul smell from decaying rats and an issue that kept returning month after month. All we had to do was replace the broken manhole cover to prevent the rats from leaving the sewer and fix the broken air vent so as nothing else could gain entry to the house. We then placed a few traps in the loft in case any were still lurking up there (which there wasn’t) and job done. After our initial investigation, which took about an hour, we got to work immediately and had the whole job fixed within one day. This customer had had this rat problem for 2 months before calling us, as they had lost confidence in their previous pest controller. This is why I always stress the importance of an initial investigation.


When it’s necessary to treat for a pest control problem we always look at the non toxic possibilities first. In the case explained above we placed traps in the loft when the proofing work was finished as opposed to placing bait in the loft. This was because it’s not always possible to retrieve a poisoned rat as they rarely die where the poison was left. We also believe that proofing is much more effective and environmentally friendly, than exposing nature to an ever increasing amount of pesticides. Our treatments and proofing work ranges from extensive sewer/drain repairs to filling/pointing small entrance holes in and around your property.

Final investigation

Once we have dealt with your pest problem we like to carry out a final inspection to ensure we have completely covered all angles and that your pest issue won’t be coming back to haunt you again in the near future. Professional discreet pest control service from a BPCA registered company.