High level wasp nest treated

High level wasp nest treated

High level access for two hard to reach wasp nests by Direct Pest Control and K2 Access

This week we have treated a wasp nest at a Manor House in Huddersfield. However due to the position of the nests, we needed the help of a high level access team to reach the nests.
The company K2 Access of Bradford were on hand to hoist us up and over the top of the house and over the roof to gain access. Here we found two very active nests. With their professionalism combined with ours, we managed to treat both wasp nests without any trouble. Our client had previously been told that the nests were inaccessible by another company. With a some careful planning and teamwork the job has now been completed.


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Why this job was important

The occupier had been getting around 100 wasps a day in her drawing room and had been stung several times already. Unfortunately people can have an allergic reaction to wasp stings so it’s always worth airing on the side of caution. Although our customer had previously  been stung, she explained that she has regular guests around and the chance of someone else being stung was extremely high and not one she was willing to take!

The view

Although not an important part of the treatment, it’s worth pointing out that the view from the top of the boom was just breathtaking. We also had a chance to carry out some visual checks of  the gutters and roof tiles for our customer.

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